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WoW News

We are looking to push progression throughout the Legion expansion.

Apply in our 'Recruitment' section and if you have any questions use the 'Contact Us' section or reach out to an officer in-game (Tittanis, Tubbybert, Wraen)

Priority Recruitment can be found in the upper right section and is updated frequently.

A New Chapter for Club House

Wraen a posted Jul 16, 17

Due to unforseen circumstances we will be rebuilding the raid group from the ground up around

a core group of loyal raiders. This will not be the shortest process but we expect to be back and

progressing through Mythic raids again, sooner rather than later.

During this time we will be trialing any and all classes while we make the push to get back into Mythic

ToS and proceed beyond the 2/9 we currently sit at. Until we are at that point though we ask for patience,

from current and future raiders alike, as we make headway towards this goal so we can be prepared

for 7.3 and beyond.

Any and all questions can be directed at Tittanis, Nikkibert or Wraen.

Thank you for your understanding.


Wraen a posted May 25, 17

Botanist Falls [7/10]

Wraen a posted May 5, 17

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